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Use the selected app to export the snapshots. Select a session to view the snapshots saved for that session. Upon landing it was announced that the country was declaring a state of emergency, prompted by the bombing of a Coptic church in the north.

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I spent two weeks criss-crossing the country, visiting loved ones and doing as little work as I possibly could. Two plane rides and the blink of an eye brought me right back to Burma, walking around the vacant halls of the old Secretariat Building of downtown Yangon.

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The building is undergoing renovations, and Frontier was provided an opportunity to get a peek of how construction and planning is going. I'dbeen in the building once before, but this particular trip provided an unparalleled opportunity to explore parts of the building the public hasn't had access to in decades. I began hanging out with Myanmar's bboy crew as well. Watching them walk through the city, full of talent and rhythem, has to have been one of my favorite parts of Spring.

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Every sound the city has becomes a beat to move to, and they do it with grace and ease. But have you ever tried organizing shoots and interviews with year old boys? It's like herding cats, and I'll be continuing to try and herd these ones for the next month. Yangon also held its second TEDx talk.

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My boss, Sonny Swe, gave a talk about his experience in political prison, as well as his experience with freedom since getting out. I was prowling around backstage and around, doing video and taking some photos. And then Mandalay, where I wandered into Ma Ba Tha's headquarters, poked around a thanaka factory, and sat with street vendors talking about the new market opening in the city. Street vendors discuss the new market opening in Mandalay.

They said they would never choose to leave their current location, as it's busier and more central to town. Thanaka factory workers pack and seal jars of ready-made thanaka to be shipped across the country. And what kind of month in Yangon would be complete without doing something involving animals?

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  8. I spent the morning with Yangon's Bomb Squad, including their current and trainee bomb-dog members.