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Of Discerning, and other Operations of the Mind. Of simple Modes; and first, of the simple Modes of Space. Of Duration, and its simple Modes.

Of Duration and Expansion, considered together. Of other simple Modes. Of the Modes of Thinking. Of Modes of Pleasure and Pain. Of our Complex Ideas of Substances. Of Collective Ideas of Substances. Of Cause and Effect, and other Relations. Of Real and Phantastical Ideas. Of Adequate and Inadequate Ideas.

Of True and False Ideas. Of Words or Language in general.

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Of the Signification of Words. Of the Names of Simple Ideas. Of the Names of mixed Modes and Relations. Of the Names of Substances.

Remarks Upon an Essay Concerning Humane Understanding in a Letter Address'd to the Author

Of Abstract and Concrete Terms. Of the Imperfection of Words. Of the Abuse of Words. Of the Remedies of the foregoing Imperfections and Abuses.

Direct and Indirect Perceptual Realism (Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding)

Of Knowledge in general. Of the Degrees of our Knowledge.

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Of the Extent of Humane Knowledge. Of the Reality of our Knowledge. Of Truth in general.

Of Universal Propositions, their Truth and Certainty. Of our Knowledge of Existence. Of our Knowledge of the Existence of other Things. Of the Improvement of our Knowledge. Some farther Considerations concerning our Knowledge. Of the Degrees of Assent. Of Faith and Reason, and their distinct Provinces. Of Wrong Assent, or Errour. Of the Division of the Sciences. Then he elaborates on how different modes, substances and relations of simple ideas of the same kind give rise to complex ideas v.

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Finally he discusses complex ideas of mixed modes which arise from a combination of simple ideas of different kinds v. If you are not in the USA, please verify the copyright status of these works in your own country before downloading, otherwise you may be violating copyright laws. Production details Running Time: LibriVox Volunteers Book Coordinator: Download cover art Download CD case insert.

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Summary by bala Prooflistening for this project was done by bala and Rapunzelina. No innate speculative principles. No innate practical principles. Other considerations concerning innate principles, both speculative and practical. Of ideas in general, and their original. Of simple ideas ; of simple ideas of sense ; idea of solidity.

Of simple ideas of divers senses ; Of simple ideas of reflection; Of simple ideas of both sensation and reflection. Some further considerations concerning our simple ideas of sensation. Of discerning, and other operations of the mind. Idea of duration and its simple modes Part I.

Locke, John (1632-1704) An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding in Four Books.

Idea of duration and its simple modes Part II. Ideas of duration and expansion, considered together. Idea of number and its simple modes. Of the idea of infinity Part I.