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Edgar Cayce on Ancient Egypt Ra Ta in 10,000 BC [FULL VIDEO]

According to Hugh Lynn, questions such as these could be a basis for further psychic research. He noted that "the search for understanding one's self and one's relation to God and one's fellow man will lead to the greatest treasure of all. This was the major focus of the vast majority of the Edgar Cayce readings.

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Chapter 2 gives the reader a peak at that every day life. We are given glimpses through memories such as helping to develop photographs that Edgar Cayce had taken in his studio in Selma, Alabama. Hugh Lynn recounts briefly for the reader the steps needed to take a photograph from a blank piece of photographic paper to a momentary view of someone's life.


You can almost see the picture coming to life in the development tray as he remembers that incident. We know that Edgar Cayce enjoyed playing games with his sons such as checkers, Parcheesi and rook with Hugh Lynn, dominoes, and carom with Edgar Evans. The reader is also allowed to experience briefly what it was like to live in that studio apartment above the wholesale drugs and wholesale grocery stores. Hugh Lynn talks of the "war on rats" that he and his father waged when Edgar Evans was young.

The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce's Power by Edgar Cayce

It seems that rats would come in the grocery store downstairs where they would eat their fill, then go through the drugstore walls and up into the Cayces' apartment where Hugh Lynn and his father had to trap them and sometimes fight them. Then the reader journeys to Virginia Beach, Virginia with the Cayce family where we learn more about Edgar Cayce the man. We learn about his love of growing things at one time there were over 15 fruit and flowering trees at their Virginia Beach home, according to Hugh Lynn , and building things with hammer, nail and saw such as room additions and a new garage.

In addition, we are there when Hugh Lynn discovers something even he did not know about his fatherhe was a water dowser.

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  8. He talks of the time when he, Hugh Lynn, was involved in scouting and the troop needed a source of water for a new cabin they were building on Linkhorn Bay. He mentioned this need to his father. Edgar Cayce asked his son to take him to the location. On the way there, he had Hugh Lynn stop so he could acquire a Y-shaped branch from a peach tree.

    The Outer Limits Of Edgar Cayce's Power

    Using this branch while walking across the area where the cabin was to be built, Edgar Cayce was able to locate an area for them to dig in search of water. He told Hugh Lynn that they should find water about 32 feet down. Great book about my favorite psychic. Well written and I enjoyed it greatly.